incomprehensibility again

Could I ask you about translation again?
“True, the Assignats of the French Revolution, backed by fixed property, had depreciated, but still the backing helped”
In this sentence, what does “the Assignats” mean?
I have looked it up in the dictionary and it doesn’t exist. So maybe this sentence have a mistake, doesn’t it? If it is, could you help me correct it and explain it to me?
Thanks a lot.

Let me try to say this in different words:

“Thereafter, incentive was gone to borrow except for legitimate needs”.

After that there was no reason left/no reason to encourage you to borrow (money) unless you really needed to borrow for a proper and legal reason.

Actually, the above sentence is in this paragraph :" Second, and certainly most important, the government limited strictly the amount of Rentenmarks which could be issued and it halted the issue and discounting of notes and the creation of paper marks. Finally, after April 1924, the Reichsbank stopped the expansion of credit to businesses which had been stimulating inflation. Businessmen were required to repay loans in gold marks, equal to the original value of the loan. Thereafter, incentive was gone to borrow except for legitimate needs".
Borrowing your idea, I wonder after businessmen repaid loans, it means that the government have money, why can’t people borrow money?
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Is it this?:
Thank you about that! :slight_smile:
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