In today’s world, it is more important to work quickly and risk making mistakes?

[b] Do you agree or disagree?

In today’s world, it is more important to work quickly and risk making mistakes than to work slowly and make sure that everything is correct.

Use examples and reasons to explain it.
Nowadays, we are living fast-paced world. Everyone wants to complete one task as early as possible and wants to jump on another as soon as possible. However, it may lead to imperfaction and less quality work. Therefore, I totally disagree with the statement that to work quickly and risk making mistakes are more important in today’s world. I believe that work done with carefulness and slowly will be more productive, perfect and time saving.

First of all, work done at slower rate with surety will be have chance of less faults in it. If we work at speed then there are chances of making more mistakes. Therefore, our work will not be that effective and perfect. As we know, Children are intended to make more mistakes during the exams, as they have to complete thier tasks in limited time. So they try to solve questions quickly and therefore risk of making mistakes also increases at faster speed compared to those that they make in normal classes at slower rate. Thus, chances of doing mistakes increases when we do it quickly, whereas, work done at slower speed will have less faults in it.

Secondly, work done slowly and correctly in the present will save time in the future to make it correct. People who work at speed would have a lots of mistakes, to correct them, they waste plenty of time in the future. A person who work at slow rate will be more focused and précised to his work, so he will have less faults that will save time and the efforts of correcting it.

Finally, work done at slower rate with precision will be more productive compared to work done quickly and risk making mistakes. For example, a person is given a task to clean a house. If he works quickly then there are more chances to left dust, or unorganized stuff left over in the house compared to a person who work with slow speed. A person with slower working speed will clean all the corner of the house, so there will not be any remaining dust or unorganized things in the house once it is cleaned. And he will not have to spend time afterward in organization or in cleaning. This is how slower person worked productively and in detail.

In conclusion, I would prefer to perform my tasks at slower rate with minimum mistake. So that there are less chances of repetitiveness and are more time saving compared to those done at quickly with risk of making mistakes. Therefore, I disagree with the given quotation.

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Hi Kattie, I thought your reasons were very persuasive and clear. You did have that one example about house cleaning, but adding some other specific illustrations would have been good - maybe refer to carmakers, who if they make a mistake in assembly, have to recall thousands of cars, which has immense costs both in terms of money and loss of reputation. Your writing was pretty clear, but you did have quite a few minor mistakes in grammar and usage. Overall, i would rate this one a 3.5 out of 5.