In the Internet new! (russian advertisement)

Need help!
In the Internet, there’s a new project, which should help make life easier for admission. In one huge database of works site creators tried to gather all available at, in the Russian-language Internet. Base compositions really big!

Russian version:
Нужна помощь!
В сети интернет появился новый проект, который должен помочь облегчить жизнь абитуриентам. В одной огромной базе сочинений создатели сайта постарались собрать все имеющиеся в русскоязычном интернете. База сочинений действительно большая!

What’s all that? Is there any error with your computer ?

Its written in Russian and it is an adverticement.
I think it should be eraced from the forum !!!

Sorry Alex,can you tell me the meaning of ‘‘eraced’’?

Ops, I meant “erased”.
A slip of the pen :slight_smile:

Perhaps the mods and admins didn’t understand your advice, Alex, because of the other little slip of the pen. 8)


I’ve been thinking about this post. Yes, it is spam and since the advertised site is in Russian the ad itself isn’t even related to our site. But then again this ad shows a certain pattern and by discussing it we actually might help change it. If we are talking about this ad there is at least a chance that its author starts thinking about his behaviour. He clearly is not aware of how to conduct business in the western civilized world simply because he hasn’t been exposed to it yet. All he knows is how to create ‘scraper sites’ and advertise and advertise them. But then again this is better than to sit around and complain about the economy and the government.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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So, there’s nothing risky for any of your forum members on that site?
This kind of stuff always makes me nervous.

Hi Amy,

We’ve removed the link itself so nobody won’t open this site by accident. If you want to see it, you have to copy and past the address into your browser or type it into the address field of your browser. As far as I can see, the idea of the site is the following: If you like in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan and are interested in essays and written presentations, you might get access to a database of free materials in Russian. You need to send an SMS to a Russian SMS gateway and the server sends you an access code. Whether or not you actually receive that code is another question though. I assume that it’s an attempt to create a database of Russian cell phone number for advertising purposes.

The site doesn’t contain any ‘spyware’ or viruses so there is no immediate danger in opening it.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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