In the bank at 7th and Elm … chine.html

In the bank at 7th and Elm

7th and Elm= the names of the streets?

shoudn’t it be: the 7th?


Yes. The names of the streets.

‘Seventh’ (or 7th) is the name of the street, and as such, it is treated as a proper noun. Likewise, ‘Elm’ is also a proper noun in this case. The use of ‘the’ would be incorrect for both of them.

Thank you for completing that, Yankee. I don’t know if it was there or not, but I didn’t notice Saneta’s last question earlier.

Hi, Dear B., Good morning,
You didn’t notice my last question earlier because I added it a while later after your the first post-answer. - ‘the’ - necessary?
Please tell me when we don’t have to write the article ‘the’ after ‘of’ and please give me an example as not in :
The names of the streets.

Thank You very much…

That’s a very wide-ranging question, Saneta. It depends on the entire context in which the following noun is used. For example:

The names of the birds…
in one case (those specific birds), could just as correctly be written
the names of birds…
(birds in general) in another context.

I’m afraid I can’t provide the exact sort of rule that you are searching for.