In some countries, people are no lo

In some countries, people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office
buildings. Do you think this is a good rule or a bad rule? Use specific reasons and details to
support your position.

I agree with the topic question, smoking should be banned. According to me it is good rule.
It should be carry worldwide. I have explained this as follows.

Firstly, for health of humans Smoking not only injurious to smoking person but also for the
other people. It creates breathing problems for others. There are many health problems associated with smoking just like cancer,
tuberculosis, etc. It should be banned because, for example in case of pregnant women, if she is smoking or if she
comes in area where person smokes, it will not only harm to womans health but also for her fetus.

Secondly, bad for our children. If any family member say dad or mother smoking. Is is not good example for their children.
It will create absolute bad example for them. Most of the time children try to adapt what elder people doing,
they are more curious about what elder people do in free time. Because of this they try to smoke. Hence if family
person is smoking then children try to adapt habit of smoking. Hence family person should avoid smoking.

Thirdly according to me, it should be banned completely and not only in public places or in offices.
According to me, it is addiction and people should trey to avoid these, otherwise they will lose
their family in such kind of addiction. According to me, other people who are not smoking they should
guide to addicted people for to leave smoking habit. They should join to some campus, where " Quit smoking Rehab centers"
are present. I think even though it is difficult to leave such difficult habit but it will not be impossible for them.

Finally, I feel that, smoking should be banned even though it gives pleasure to them while smoking, its consequences
are very dangerous. Smoking not only create problems for smoking person but also for people surrounding
to him. Simultaneously, it is not good message for the younger generation. Hence according to me, smoking
should be banned in public or offices, but according to me if possible,it should be completely banned.


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Ketki. I do wish you had waited another month or so before taking your test. All of your essays are only fair. You have learned a great deal of vocabulary but your basic sentence structure highlights you weaknesses.

You are doing too much work now, all too late.

My dearest wish is that you prove me wrong, but I fear your writing score will be low.
You can always come back and join my private course if you want to.

I wish you luck for tomorrow. You are a brave young woman, and I know you will do your very best.


sorry kittos but this was not my essay…had just posted for one of ma friends…

will Surely do well tomorro…and yes i m brave… thanks for having that confidence in me…
will prove u wrong :slight_smile:

I truly hope you do prove me wrong.