In or on and other sentences, please help me to correct

  1. What do you do on/ in science lesson? In my mind I am in favor of “on” but I can not explain why? Please help me.

  2. My toy are in the brown box.

  3. Go out the door , please.

  4. Take out your pen ,children. What does this sentence mean?

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What do you do in science class?


My toys are in the brown box.


Take out your pens, children. This is what the teacher says to her students if she wants them to take their pens out of their cases to get ready to write something down.


I had lived in USA 4 years.
I have a lot of book on my desk.
My sister and I have fun last weekend.
I will drink tea or coffee.
Thank you

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Please let me know where you got these sentences from. Did you write them yourself?


Yes, all the sentences by myself. Thank you for your correct


What about " get out the door, please" What does this mean teacher?

And some other sentences, please help me to correct them.

  1. Where you and your brother/ your brother and you yesterday? Which one should come first?

  2. Last Sunday, we had great fun/ funs in the sun. We really enjoyed it.

  3. We often watch football match on/ in Star Sport channel.

  4. Her mother bought him a/ the uniform yesterday.

  5. It is cool in December and dry in April.


It means ‘please leave the room’.

Where were you and your brother/ your brother and you yesterday? Or: Where were your and you yesterday? Both are possible.

… we had great fun. The noun ‘fun’ is uncountable which means it doesn’t have a plural form.

We often watch football matches on Star which is a sports channel.

Her mother bought her (this is more likely than ‘him’) the/a uniform yesterday. Both are possible depending on the context/what exactly you want to say. If it’s just any uniform, you say ‘a uniform’. If it’s a specific one you use the definite article ‘the’.

This is fine.