In/on/at music production


“In/on/at music production, I’m familiar with software XXX and software YYY.”

Can I know which is the correct preposition of the sentence?

Thanks a bunch.

It depends a bit on what exactly you want to say. What is the relation between music production and this software? Could you explain it a bit, in other words? “In” could be right, but I am not sure yet.


Hi MM, nice new picture. Though “in” is the only preposition of the three that would seem possible at all, the sentence still isn’t quite clear that way. Does Ricky want to say, “I am in music production, so I am familiar with software X”? Then “in” would make sense. But now the sentence is a bit unclear to me: it is as though it said “in music production I am familiar with software X, but in other fields I don’t know how to use it / in other fields I am used to other software”. Does Ricky want to say, “as regards music production, I am familiar with software X”? Then he’d better say it that way. But perhaps this is nitpicking.

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did i miss out anything?
I think I was looking for the prepositional phrase “as regards…”
Thanks to both of you and I apologize for the vagueness of my question.