In each other or on each other.

“We all stick together no matter what’s going on throughout the game. We all have confidence IN each other.”
“I think this team has been doing a great job all year of not giving up ON each other,”

Sentences taken from a sports article, I noticed the different prepositions that were used in front of “each other”, are they both correct? what is the criterion to be followed?

Thanks in advance.

God bless you all.

Both of them are correct. There is no criterion to be followed other than that “confidence” goes with “in” and “give up” goes with “on”.

Sometimes “on” is used when someone does something bad to someone, such as, “They stole his wallet on him,” which just means they stole his wallet, or, “They pulled a swindle on him.” This is not a rule for “on”, though. It’s just one way we use it.

Prepositons are very unpredictable.

God bless you Jamie, thanks a lot for your help.

¡De nada, señor!

Jamie, I truly appreciate your assistance in all of my grammar requests.

God bless you and merry Christmas to you and your family.