In a company here vs. over here

Hello Teachers.

I work in a company ‘‘over’’ here. why is ‘‘over’’ being used here. would it be ok omitting over?

It depends on the rest of the context. I presume the speaker originates from a different country (or he is talking to someone who originates from a different country).

A: You were born in China so how long have you lived in the US?
B: I’ve been over here (in the US) for 15 years.

A: Why did you move there?
B: I have family over here (in this country).

ok. thanks.

Hello Beeeneees.

why do we use over for saying’‘come over here.’’ we can’t simply say’‘come here’’

Beeeneees another query.

for example,I have bought something and I have to put it in air tight jar, Is there any specific verb for it?

I haven’t put it in jar yet? Is it right?

You can. Both are acceptable.


The difference is really in the distance between you and the other person. ‘Come here’ suggests that someone is near you. ‘Come over here’ suggests that the person is perhaps on the other side of the room or the other side of the road.


Thanks sir Alan.