Improving schools is the most important factor in successful development of count

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Improving schools is the most important factor in successful development of country.

When talking about how to successfully develop a country, people always have a heated discussion and provide a lot of various suggestions. Some oppose to the statement that improving schools is the most important factor in successful development of country, arguing that there are much more factors overwhelm education. Nevertheless, I agree with this statement, reasons are as following.

First of all, improving schools will definitely cultivate more and more qualified workers, which play a crucial role in economy development and the construction of a modern nation. History abounds with such examples. After the World War two, the fascist Germany had been totally destroyed, whose industry had been seriously weakened. In 1946, people scarcely found a selling car at the market because of the short supply. Nevertheless, nowadays Germany has become the biggest economical power in Europe Union, whose car manufacturing not only meets the demands of Germans themselves, but also supply for hundred of foreign countries, even the cars of my family members are all the German cars! As we all know, since 1945, the government of Germany focused on the domestic issues and paid lots of attentions on education, the government not only allocate a great deal money on building colleges and universities, but also improve the average salary of teachers in elementary school. Thus there are sufficient qualified workers support the urgent postwar construction, as along as well-educated children contribute to the development of advanced scientific technology. Hence, the German has revitalized after the depression and it achieves success.

Secondly, the improvement of schools does benefit anyone in the country. Since a high-quality education is not focused on students’ grade, but pay attention to promote students’ ability. Students can gradually explore about themselves, what are they interested? How can they make it? Their creativity and imagination are developed by this way, which will fulfill their inner world. To be specific, with a certificate, students have more chance to find a good job and realize the life style they are longing for. Then, how come all the citizen of a country are happy about themselves and their life? In my opinion, that kind of country is inevitably successful country.

In summary, the improvement of education is a matter of both economy progress and personal satisfaction, and both of them are contribute to successful development of a country. Therefore, government should put enough emphasis on education and take measures to improve the education all the time. Only in this way, not only the foreigners regard the country successful, but also the citizens feel proud of the success of their motherland.

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