Impossible love

[color=darkred] The FALL IN LOVE


[size=150]I love you very much and I know the way to impossible is very far……

And I know you are princess between women…. And I know you are princess between women

And I don’t have any anagram else you…

And I know I’ve lived in exile and you’ve lived in exile too…

And between me and you
….the winds and thunder and lighting and snow and fire

And I know arrival to your eyes is chimera and to your lip is suicide….[/size][/i]

Did you fell in love once?

Did your love have bad end?

Did you fell in love somebody and maybe she didn’t love you?

Did you love somebody but there was refusal from your parents or her parents?

Did you fell in love somebody but you can’t get married her because your colonel isn’t allowing you?

Did you feel your heart hurt when you said to her I’ll forget you? As lover and you still as friend!!

If she ask from you don’t break her heart because she not want to be your lover,
So you could kill your heart and you made her a friend to you not lover!!?

Did you true when you said that?

If you say (Yes) … You are like me. (Unlucky man)

You fall in impossible love…………. :cry:

Dark sadness :frowning:

Dark… :frowning:

“…The course of true love never did run smooth…” ©

Life is life… not more, not less…

Hey Mba

Don’t be sad my friend …

Like you , I was shocked many times by a lot of women :cry: … and after that , I promised myself to don’t repeat "the love " again … never, never, never
I might protect my heart for a short time ,but…
I fell in love again and again :roll: :cry:

"I don’t know why that is always happening with me !!! " :cry:

By the way ,I became an expert in love shocking … :smiley:

So, I can give you some advice …If you want … 8)


Hi there,

Love is a great thing that you can’t measure, control, or even select who you will love.

this story happend with each one of us :slight_smile: :). and as Ms. Tamara said: “Life is life… not more, not less”.

My freind; you need to be patient on the one you love but at the same time you need to know how and when you should withdraw with dignity. and as GHAWWAR said:" يضرب الحب شو بزل" :(:(:frowning:

Keep your ship moving you will never know where it will land again.

Dear mkhraim,


Hi Fooz,

And would you please be so kind as to stop SHOUTING.

TOEIC listening, photographs: In the laboratory[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,
Thanks for your note. :oops:

Dear mkhraim,
Would you please be so kind as to stick to English language? :lol:


Google has a translation tool and it claims the translation for " يضرب الحب شو بزل " is:
"Love her to beat Shaw "

Whatever THAT means… :?

Dear Yankee,

Actually, it is a slang proverb in Arabic. :idea:

it just like “love breaks hearts” in English.


Thanks for the proper translation, Fooz. :smiley:
Hi Mr. Sad Dark Magician :cry:
I guess we’ve all experienced love’s ups and downs. It sounds like you’re very down. So sorry to hear you’re going through one of love’s lows. :cry: But, you know, when you’ve experienced the bad stuff, it makes the good things even better.
So, “keep a stiff upper lip” (be brave enough to endure the difficult things) and look forward to the good things yet to come.


Don’t get upset, Mba! Believe me! Life is life as Tamara mentioned. And it’s usual to have ups and downs. I’m sure you’ll meet your true love!!!

Welcome in the club,
Don’t give up because woman if she hates something, it
is not that you ignore her,but something else…

She mostly forgives everything, really everything just exept one silly thing - a fact to forget her successfully.

If you love, You are still very much “alive”, and in Your best times,even if it is unhappy love.
Better unhappy then no love at all.
I wish to be able to love but it is not always easy for old cynic.
It is so and so just good to have that feeling again
-feeling to be young.
The purification by “fire” is good for body and soul.

Well,“the feeling” lasts six month and later hopefully pain is over or much more reduced.
If You are under 20 than nothing help exept a full
shock therapy (please to read the completely new affair).

I wouldn’t expect any logic or clear answers in love and because of this…
in these matters… , everything is possible.
Enjoy it as it is.
And never give up. :lol:


In case if you finally final seduce her/ put her in same flames, then “never” grand her any rights to vote
( no mercy for suffragist/suffragette cry).
Because later, she would be able to chose for some strange reason
a white horse with a raider or a knight on that horse to the parlament,
and Your president would be most probably an actor of some soap opera,
and an independent wife cost much more then three others
“less independent” behind veil.
Ok,ok just kidding, or… maybe not kidding :?

Jan, rephrasing Erich Maria Remarque, “Noting flames better than the dry cynicism…”
(Did you read “Arch of Triumph” in your young days?)

… Let’s not to mix up love and infatuation (not mention just lust in this thread).

One is a kind of magical craziness, when the entire world concentrates to you in one point – exactly on your adorable object, - and that shocking gust of passion easilly makes you floating or in impossible pain. Everyone knows that feverish fire.

Another feeling – love – makes you alive, and warm, and gives joy - every day, for a long while. If you happen not to have burnt down in that first explosion :slight_smile: … and manage not to get cold forever - after previous frustrations.

Good Morning,

I don’t remember my read books, I remember persons, characters and intrigues.
I would strongly recommend a lot of lust in the love and
so much as possible infatuation in the lust :lol:
I like my affairs how they were in their dramatic pose or funny grotesgue outcome.
What I really miss, it would be this bizzare feeling to be young again.
Nothing lasts for ever ,even dear warm love has its “six months” , “six years”,“six…something” tenure.


Yes, Jan, you seem to know the recipe of the best mixture… :slight_smile: :wink:

… I agree, no love is eternal. But when we become too… conscious, experienced and mastered in self-defence - from too strong flaming feelings… hmm… that makes each new love (life :)) even shorter, eh?

Jan, I like your posts. Your cynical-romantic posts :slight_smile: :wink:

Dear Fooz,

Thank you for your notice :slight_smile: , I shall translate it in my post. and thank you for your translation. Your Arabic is good :D.

Dear Torsen,

Thank you.


Right you are, Jan. Many people often mix up two opposite notions like love and infatuation. Maybe, the difference is not so distinct for them :smiley:

Tamara, may I not agree with you. :wink: You may consider me as a romantic, but I believe that love can be eternal. I know many old couples in my town that are really happy in their marriage life and adore each other. Their feeling never fades. :smiley:

Yes, of course, Pamela, you may. Hopefully, it helps. :slight_smile:

My dear cynic T.,
In these matters ,everything is just without any rules.
It is exactly same unpredictable like women :lol:
Jan Romantic

VAu great poet.It remind me to times when i was been active poet.