Importance of past academic performance!

Hi everyone

I am a student of Electrical Engineering from a not so reputed college.And my score in the various semesters averages around 70%,which is among the top scores in my branch.I am preparing for GRE.But will my marks in Bachelor’s degree or the fact that I am not from a very reputed college cause a problem in getting into a reputed University abraod.I am sure I will get a good GRE score.Whats more important-a good GRE score or a bachelor’s degree from a reputed college?


A reputable Uni should take a diverse group of applicants on as students.
Appreciate your own worth if you are good then this should show through you.
A Bachelors has an international reputation.

Do you really want to go to a Uni that excludes on the basis of such criteria as college attendance?
Some Unis can trade on a name, even if the Uni is under-performing.
Ask yourself what you want from a course both academically and ethically.

Good luck and show your worth.

Thanks for the reply…I was really worried.