IMG & URL tabs.

Good morning to our learned moderators.

I would like to ask about the function of the Img &URL tabs in the header.

What do they do, and how can we work with them ?. TIA.

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Hello, dear Bill. In answer to your question, I’d like to suggest you take a look at this:
Hope this helps. Have a nice day!

Thanks Shi, you spend almost as much time here as I. At least you show a daily improvement, whereas I …LOL.

I’m far for interested in the reason my signature doesn’t show up in my posts even though I have selected it to do so :cry:

Hello Shyone, nice to meet you and welcome.

I’m afraid that you can’t use your own signature until you have posted over 100 forum posts here. Now, you got 11 on your post count, 89 posts are required.

Don’t mention it, dear Bill. I bet that our addictions to this forum are nearly the same. LOL. :smiley:

I better hurry up then :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. :wink: You need double your time here. :mrgreen:

Does that mean I have to spend all night here, too? :roll:

:lol: That(double your time here) was in jest. :smiley:

I know, and so was my answer :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I did mean to ask what you are doing in Ireland, but I suppose you would ask the same of my being in Germany. :smiley: :smiley:

To make it simple, I live here. :lol:

I moved here because of an accident called man. :oops:

The accident passed, but I love the country and the people, so I stayed. :smiley:

Understood. :lol:

Thank you. This particular line on that page caught my fancy:

This statement is a bit misplaced. What is really meant here is that the “greater control” is offered to the website owner(s), and members actually have less control. Please note that I am not complaining, as this works for the greater good, and helps to keep a more orderly environment. e.g., You would not want people to be able to inject malicious JavaScript and similar mayhem.

They should probably update that page to show the features that have been added. For example, you can now embed a YouTube video simply by entering its URL; no BBCode needed at all! e.g.,
[size=75]-- David Beroff
[color=red]FREE English Videos, Private Lessons, and more at !![/size]

I got it… I think that’s an excellent example of what Bill was talking about here. I learned something new today! :slight_smile: Thank you.

It is simply the difference between practiced day to day speaking and the more restricted speaking of a completely new language.

100 posts to get a signuter that sound waw

Hey, what do you know … it works.!!

I keep thinking that, somewhere out there, there’s a man who speaks of, “an accident called woman”. :lol: [color=white]… [size=134]Just teasing!!![/size]

As for the signature thing, yeah, it’s slightly annoying, but I simply add my own signature to each post manually; not that huge a deal. {shrug}

[size=75]-- David Beroff
[color=red]FREE English Videos, Private Lessons, and more at !![/size]