I'm working on a project....

hi again
ya i told you that i wanna learn english to be a good english teacher…but am working on my project thiese days. i should submet the project in22/january…so i dont know what to do i start with introduction and first ,second and third body(paragraph).but am afraid if my supervisor foud any mistake he will not give me a good mark…
am working in a school now.
(how to be a good english teacher)is the subject of my project,hope you can help me.

Hello Fatma,

I hope that you will follow the basics of grammar and punctuation in your project. In your short paragraph you have broken all the following rules:

Sentences always begin with a capital letter and end with a single full stop or equivalent mark.
The pronoun ‘I’ is always written with a capital letter.
The phrase is ‘want to’ not ‘wanna’ which is not a grammatically correct word.
There should always be a space before an opening parenthesis.
There should always be a space after a closing parenthesis.
Names of months of the year always begin with a capital letter.
‘English’ always begins with a capital letter.
The correct preposition is ‘… on 22nd January’. Use ‘on’ for specific days.
There should never be a space left between the preceding word and a following comma, full stop, semi-colon, colon, exclamation mark or question mark. the space comes after the mark.

I’ m sorry but I can’t enter into the forum /myEnglish level is not so good , instead that I’m happy because I improve it/ you are very good helping me thank you for that