I'm Sariada from Bali, Indonesia

:slight_smile: Hi everybody…

I’m a new member of english-test and i’m very fond of learning english. I like making friends and i welcome you all and you may write to sheva381142@yahoo.com

See you and happy learning english

Warm regards,

Made Sariada

Hello Made, is this your first name? The internet is an exciting tool, isn’t it? It enables us to communicate with each other no matter what countries we live in. What is life like in Bali these days? What do you do, are you a student? Speak to you soon. A

Hi Andreana…

I’m very glad to see your mail. Yeah, my first name is Made which means the second born,since I’m the second child in my family.

Anyway Bali is safe now. After we were hit by the latest blasts , we’ve started our lives again. By the way, have you ever been to Bali? If you’ve never been, you should come here someday.

I really enjoy making friends with anyone regardless age, race, religion or other backgrounds. Difference makes this life interesting and makes us curious to know more about others.

I’m fond of learning english since I dream of studying abroad, I’m not pretty sure if I could achieve it someday. but I just think positively. I’m eager to study and travel, to know more about other people and interact actively.

Oh yeah, sorry I almost left it. I’m a student of one college in my town, Denpasar (capital city of Bali province). I major in Tours and Travel business.

And how about you? I’d like to know about you, too.

That’s all Andreana and I hope to see your letter soon.

Have a great day!

Your sincerely,


Hallo Miss Made,

You can feel proud of yourself for your Englsih. You write faultless and perfect. With this knowledge you can develop it a lot in due course of time by reading classic books of historically famous authors and a little bit from one or the other Forum members here who have good style and command of Englsih occasionally. Also the Editorials of popular international new papers contribute a little to it. Poetry can also help.
Good luck and great success in your studies.

Holla. Andreana!
You write mui bien English. Congratulations (Felicitas ?).
Like Made, you have good and fluent English.
Hopefully it helps in your career. Good luck.