I'm preparing myself to appear at 12th OCT-2008 TOEFL

Hi All,
I’m going to appear in TOEFL test from Lahore(Pakistan). Can anybody help me out? If someone has challenges exercise or sample test exams?

Thanks in advance.
Please do share the knowledge.


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hi nademm,

I took toefl ibt today (20th september).Firstly,I should explain that toefl is not a very difficult exam,just you have to know tecnics.Today,I realised that toefl ibt doesnt measure your english level or how you speak in normal life.It measures your IQ.Believe me.You are being asking some questions and you have to finish them in limited time.I can be seem piece of cake(not all) but in real exam you will comprihand what I mean.Briefly explanation,

1.Reading Section- I had 3 reading passages.( 3 reading passages=9 listening, 5 reading(2 of them dont marked)=6 listening. I’m not sure.if Im wrong,plz warn me. )
In these sections,it measures your understanding of passages.I advise you try 2 read academic essay.I know it’s hard 2 find but at least try)
2.Listening Section- As I said before,I had 3 passages,so I had to listen 9 listening lectures.It’s really boring.Dont try so much to note all details.I mean,if u do this,you may not understand the whole passage.My advice to you, work on how to fast notice while listening.DONT FORGET.You’re challencing with TIME!!

*** 10 minutes break.GO OUT FROM THE CLASS.You may wash your face,drink somethings or walk,run.It’s gonna help you.Because sitting in front of the screen without move,really disgusting.**

3.Speaking Section- After 10 mins break,test doesnt start automacially.So dont panic if passage already started.In this section,you have to answer to the 2 familiar topic.(my topics were, Explain someone who gives you direction or something like.Second one is, ''Do you agree or disagree? Children should learn draw or paint ). They are not diff questions but have to speak in 45 sec makes it difficult.
Later,in 2 questions.You read a brief reading then Listen a passege about the reading.You have to mix them and 30 sec preparation and 60 sec respond.Dont need to panic.Relax and try 2 have you understand.It doesnt matter your speaking or voice slow or speak.Just need,clearly explain in limited time.

4.Writing Section.In this section,It has 2 sections.Integrated part( contains reading and listening-opposite to reading).In 20 mins,you have to write summary of reading and listening.My question was about Shekaspeare’s plays and some debates about them.Then you listen totally diagree with the following lecture.In final,in 30 mins you have to mix them and explain with min.300 words.If you adjuse yourself with time.It’s becoming piece of cake:)

That’s all for me.I wrote them to help anyone who prepares toefl ibt or questions in his/her head.If you wanna ask me about this topic.Im here.I hope I can get 79 points.It seems a bit diff but if I cant pass,I will work more and take it in 2. exam.

Have a good nights.

Hi Onur,

You done a great job, you are explaining the procedure of paper in a quite calm way, really interesting but I’m bit confusing in Speaking & Reading sections. Reading is not a hard way to out but Speaking like hard nut to crack for me :cry:
Anyhow can you or anybody knows about the test material where I can quench my thirst for preparing more & more about TOEFL. I really wanted to to take at least 79 scores at first attempt. But who knows the destiny. Well I believe in my Lord for best.

I need some tips and tactics for test how to overcome the pitfalls If I struck in somewhere while in test.

However, thanks for the kind information you share with me, I really appreciate.
Hope you’ll continue with me for guidance and other help.

Nadeem Rehman