I'm not preparing for any exams...


Dear Torsten Daerr,
I’ve registered some hours before on your site. I am not preparing at any exams, I’d just like to improve my English skills. I 've been learning English for many years, I can understand the written text quite well, I can write, but I cannot understand the spoken language and I have difficulties at speaking. I cannot speak fast and easily. I’m always thinking about grammar rules while I am speaking. I was looking on the internet
for listening exercises and I’ve found you site.
I like the English language, I like studying English, I’d like to speak it much better. I hope, you can help me to achieve my goal.
The best regards,


Hello Judit,

Welcome to english-test.net. It’d good to know that you think you will be able to make use of our exercises. As you are interested in speaking, you might also like to try recording a voice message. You will find the instructions here.