I'm Ivon Neh...

Hi Torsten
How are you? Hope all is going on well.
I’m IVON NEH from Cameroon.
Thanks very much for the lessons you sent to me. I think I’m doing my best and believe I will do more better if you continue sending the lessons to me. I finished with the “be verb” and also listened the the audio recorded by Laura. In the audio I could hear her saying she comes from Bristol a very large city in London and she also works in a Financial company and she too is a financial adviser. I think I could get her well.
Torsten I do not only want to improve on my proficiency but I also want to write the IELTS test. Would you please send to me some of the questions you know they can easily be asked and how to tackle them, both listening, talking, reading and writing.
I will be very grateful to have your assistance as I prepare for this test.
Extend my gratitude to Laura and I want how to be my English Teacher.
Thanks for your cooperation.