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Many students care nothing but their academic study. Study takes up all their time and energy. These students truly stand out being the perfect students in all parents’ view. However, they may not be the most successful ones among their classmates. Those who finding the balance between academic work and activities, laugh the last laugh.

Students can learn many important characters in school activities: how to cooperate with other people, how to lead a team, etc. For instance, suppose Peter attended a basketball match, he might be a great leader and communicate with his teammates both efficiently and effectively. Or he may got a fight because his way of talking annoyed his teammates. Whichever situation he was in, he not only learnt about how to be attractive to girls in the game, but more importantly and unconciously, he learnt how to cooperate with his teammate through the game. These two characters will play significant role in his future career.

Moreover, there are some activities from which you can truly learn lots of practical knowledge you cannot get from the textbook. Besides, you will won life-long friends, who will be really helpful and supportive when you feel frustrated or lost. I have attended one of these clubs. That is a club gathered lots of students who are interested in journalism and aiming at being great reporters. We meet regularly every Friday afternoon. Sometimes we talk about how to write a report and sometimes we just sit together, discussing the latest news. We also share information about the intern position available and interview skills during the meet. Most importantly is that I make bunch of friends through this organization. They are people who share the same interest and ambition, and they may be your colleague some time. When I feel lost and almost give up my dream, seeing these people standing by my side, I will never lose my faith and let them down.

All in all, academic class is not your whole life. There is lot to learn besides knowledge from the class.

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Hi Bibiff, another good essay, though this one seemed to have more problems than your last one. Your verb tenses were not quite right in this one. Sometimes you can talk about things either in the present or in the past, but you have to stay consistent throughout the example. Still, you have some good ideas and your presentation was quite clear. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Luschen, you are the best!
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About the “be attractive to girls” part, I’m just trying to be interesting. But I didn’t make it work.

Hi Bibiff, no I am not a professional teacher and I do not get paid, though some day I may try to monetize what I do. I have three boys who I am in charge of taking care of, as my wife has a very time-consuming job as a doctor. I also tutor face-to-face here in Nashville. Maybe I should warn everybody that “You get what you pay for”, although based on the feedback I receive, I think my advice and suggestions are helpful for a lot of learners on this site.

That is amazing. You are really helpful. Hope I can meet you some day. I’ve been to America for four months, and I love this country and American people. That’s why I’m trying so hard to apply for a graduation program, in this way I can go to this country again. Thank you again.

Where did you live when you were in the U.S. and where do you live now? Good luck to you in your future plans!

I lived in Los angeles and now I’m in Shanghai.