I'm going to try to record my voice

Hi everybody, I am going to see how this recording device works. So long. Georgi200

Hi everybody, I’m going to see how this recording device works. So long. Georgi200

but there’s no words!

You’re right, I’m afraid…I’ve forgotten to plug in a microphone. But the device works. There is no doubt about it. However it’s around midnight here right now and I’m too tired to keep on recording. I’m going to bed instead. I will try again some time later. Bye, bye. G.

Dear Abir, you write remarkably well English. Mistakes are relatively rare but one can always improve his skills if he wishes. One of the biggest problems for English learners is the phrase: there is, there are. Not always we remember that after “there is” the noun must be put in singular, and after “there are” it must be put in plural. I mean countbale nouns, because uncountable nouns such as sugar, milk or tea can only be used in singular, for example: “There is some tea in my cup”. But “There are some oranges on the table”. With my best wishes . Georgi

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Hi dear Georgie200,
you ought to try again ,cause we have to challenge over the envirenement around us , you have to do this just because this is for your advantage , me too I was afraid in my first recording .Perhaps you’ve seen it " it’s about learning skills " , it’s right I’ve done some mistakes cause iwas afraid “i’m a timide person” however I 'm a kenestetic learner that mean that I can learn better through exploring and moving. Do you know the proverb that says " If you fail to plan , you plan to fail"
In addition , I wanna say thanks for correcting me , sometimes in taping with key board we forget to control our writing!
It is then “But there’s no word”

Dear Abir, I’m really impressed with the vocabulary (kenestetic learner) you used in your last post. Your opinions are also vey interesting. Please don’t be timid in our contacts. I am a man like you. And it’s a pleasure to me to be able to help others. Last night after I have sent my post to you it occured to me that perhaps in your first post the word “sound” would be the most fitting, as it describes the situation more exactly. [But there is no sound]. Best wishes. Georgi

i’m Marina. Im going to record my voice. Can you hear me?

Hello there,

I’m Marina. 38 year’s old mother to five lovely daughters. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Can you hear me my voice ? If there is any problem with the audio can you please give me a reply. I can hear your voice but not very clear.


I’m Marina. I cannot hear your voice at all. Sorry.