I'm bored to be No. 4 ;-))

I’m bored to be No. 4 . Can I surrender my rank Mr. Torsten?

Uh Huh.

Or, sell it back or loan it back to someone, I’m kinda broke now.


Tips to be in Top 10.

  1. Lower your IQ, if possible down to 40.
  2. Do tests 56 hours straight.
  3. If your grey matter freeze, torch it with a blower like the one they use to weld metal.
  4. If your IQ get higher again, try to pile it back to 40 with the help of a Nuts doctor.
  5. But don’t pay him.

Have fun.

Hello Mr. Kyaw,

When I am under the weather I like to read anything from you. Because I am sure that you will say something which will make me laugh. And really I began to howl with laughter when I read this sentence:

You and your 40IQ is an unbelievable idea. How the hell have you found out???

Kind regards:

My Lady,

I’m sure you’re alive and kicking again now.

Be yourself and be healthy. Save energy to laugh together with you loved ones.

Love them and laugh with them.

To be IQ40ed?

  1. Don’t use soap when you have a shower.
  2. Eat some grilled geckos as much as you can.
  3. Sleep 20 hours a day.

Trust me. Hee hee.

Dear Mr. Kyaw,

I hope that today I will be alive and kicking again. Yesterday I stepped in my eighths
decade. But instead of birthday party with my nuclear family I had to go to a funeral. To a funeral of one of our best friends.

But we have the birthday party today.

I like your advice : “Be yourself …” and "Save energy to laugh together with you loved ones. "

Your advice about how to be IQ40ed are very difficult to carry out because I would eat some grilled geckos, if there were geckos in Budapest. I am unable to sleep 20 hours a day, but I would be very happy if I could only once in my life. But I won’t use soap when I have shower.

Kind regards:

“Many happy returns” My dear Lady.

Live to the fullest.

My kindest regards.

Hello Mr. Kyaw,

Many thanks !!!
Only it happened a little snag that yesterday my daughter-in-law told me " Kati you were 70 in the last year also". I’ve forgotten completely. I can’t correct this mistake because I told so many people very proudly that I stepped in my eighths decade. Perhaps I said the same sentence last year also. But they forgot than me and even my husband believed that I was 70 before yesterday.

I don’t want compete with anybody but who has here 40IQ? There are people who has and there are who would like to have.


So Mr. Kyaw Min Lwin, you want to say that yours IQ was 40 or below 40, all the time?

A part of the Show is it.

I’m bored stiff now!

I want to go down. He he.

Never mind. Cheer up. Don’t forget : after rain comes sunshine. But when? Who knows.

Yes, my lady,

It looks people are busy more with this and that of the rat race these days.

Lucky I am out of it.

Still sometimes I pity for them. Racing for cars, homes, power, money and lose half of their lives for Nothing tangible after all. And simply go to hell.

When they remember their lost times, it’s all, but gone.

Lucky me I beat the time. Time is in my hands.

Have fun!

Drear Mr. Kyaw,

You are right than- almost always. When I used to be young I am forced to catch up in the rat race. I was exhausted but healthy,that’s why happy also. We told to each other - because we could retire in the same time - that we leave the capital and we get out of the rat race and we will enjoy life in the village.
It happened in other way.
So me also feel in the same way watching these racing people for the cost of living.

Who are lucky? Those people are lucky who are not force to catch up in the rat race but they could deal with their capacity and creating those things of which they had had the talent in the moment of their birth. They don’t participate in the rat race, they don’t care about enrichment only they try to work out the Problem, to reach their self-fulfillement. UNFORTUNATELY BE NOT GIVEN TO ALL. But I think that you are among them.

So cheer up!!!


Today’s Rat Race looks so Hyena Race to me. Dreadfully ferocious. There’re no codes and no ethics in it.

kind regards.