I'm already here. vs I’m already arriving. vs I’m already come.

Hello everybody,

My friend was waiting for me at the airport. When I’m arriving at the place, she’s calling me and asking where I am.

So, I’m answering her like this sentence:

  1. I’m already here.
  2. I’m already arriving.
  3. I’m already come.
  4. I’m in front of the building.

What’s answer is the best?

Thanks in advance for the help.


“I’m already here,” or “Here I am.”

I suspect Rosario is thinking of a phone call, or am I mistaken?

Hello Kitosdad,

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, you are right Cerberus.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: In which case you should probably reply, “I’ve already landed, and I’m standing in front of the/your building”.

Sorry for the confusion. I’ve been on-line all night. :lol:

Hello Kitosdad,

I just want to clarify clearly that my friend calling me by phone at the airport, because we both have appointment to pick up our friend who will come from abroad. Because I’m late, so she’s calling to check where I am.

So, as you said, I will answer that

  • I’m already here.
  • I’m standing in front of the building.
  • Here I am.

Thanks for the help, its useful for me.