I'm Aktham from Jordan. I'm working now as a ESL lecturer in a public university

Hello eveyone,

I’m Aktham from Jordan. I’m working now as a ESL lecturer in a public university in Saudi Arabia. I registered in this forum for many reasons. The most important one is to develop my pronunciation. I admit that I have got great benefits from your valuable advice.
By the way this my first attempt, and I hope I’ll receive your feedback soon

Best wishes

Aktham, you are very hard to understand, because you pronounce your lax vowels so weakly that they are almost eliminated. In fact, if I hadn’t been able to read the text, I probably wouldn’t have understood you at all.

For example, when you say “registered”, it sounds like “istid”. I also wouldn’t have understood “ESL” if I hadn’t been able to read it, and “lecturer in a public university” is so collapsed that it was just unintelligible.

You need to clearly say all of the vowels that are normally pronounced in each word. You might try practicing with a talking dictionary online. Since you are a teacher, this is a very urgent need, because, as I say, your speech is almost impossible to understand.

Hello Aktham,

I believe that the best feedback I can give you now is to slow down. Pacing your speech properly helps other people to understand you better. If you are pesistent with your current speed, my friend, I believe that you will eventually end up with an ESL speeding ticket by one of our “officers” here. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

I agree with Jamie (K) on your pronunciation. Jamie (K) may sound a little too hard on you, but that is due to the fact that you are teaching other people to use English. Do not be discouraged by Jamie (K)'s remarks, for it was merely a reminder of the importance of the role you are undertaking at the present.

Please continue to practice your English with us and keep posting your voice messages so you, and all of us here, may see the development.