I'm a language killer, but I'm trying improve my English in a short time...

This is my first post

I’m a language killer, but I,m trying improve my english in a short time.

Tanks for your support and for to push me to write to you.

Best regards

My name is panos . My english is very poor, but i’ll try to write you!
I have been married since 1998 and i have two boys. I’ m teacher in high school. Teaching in school is very pleasant. I 'm teaching computer programming. The students are very intersted in computer programming.

Best regards

wow…you are a language killer, is it means you can speak lots of language ?

by the way, nice to see you here~


Thank you very much. I need to have faith to belive yours words. Now I will trying explain sometinhg about me. My name is Juan I,ve 44 years old. I’m senior consultant in my own company. My clients are little companies and we support him about; strategy, costs, marketing, magement and a lot of metters.

I hope to get answers but I feel good writting those letters.

Tomorrow more

Hello Jblanca! Your name of topic is very fun! I like it. “language killer” that sound great! Where are you from?

Hello Alena, how are you?
I am Spanish. I live in Seville, but I was born at Jerez. Jerez is a small town near the Atlantic Ocean. Jerez is known for its wine, horses and the world of motorcycle racing.
I hope to return to “talk” with you. . . or see us in Jerez, a cordial greeting

Hello Yoski

“language killer” not because I speak several languages, is because I speak and write the worst of English
I hope to talk to you again.
Best regards

Hello Jblanca!
I’m fine, thanks.
Your English are not as bad as you saying. :-). I hope that I somewhere go to Jerez )).

Hallow Jblanca…

I love Spain…

and I love you description (language Killer)…

I am from Jordan…

I like to be a friend of you…

and i hope to find you needs here…

you language is not bad…

what is your company sector?


Hi Ali

We are dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises to improve management, reduce costs and refocus the strategy. This, after analyzing the company and the environment.
At this time in Spain is very necessary because we had some good years in which many companies were geared to the domestic market because it was not necessary to look abroad.

Just came across with your post…I would like to know if “language killer” is an idiomatic expression…is it? what does it mean exactly?

Hello, when he said language killer, he said because I’m very bad speak in English.

I live in the south of spain and we says a joke about it. They say the bad singing or who has bad jokes, perpetrated by the song or the joke.

Hallo Jblanca;

Is this PMP (Project Management program)…

I am now working in Strategic Planing…

It nice to exchange our experience in this sector


hello my friend

that’s okey that you like to practice your English

Engligh as a second language in all over the world

nice to see you

hello my friend

that’s okey that you like to practice your English

Engligh as a second language in all over the world

nice to see you

Hi everybody

It’s great to see answers to my letters. I hope to continue receiving your answers.

Ali, please say me what can I do to help you about estrategic planning

hello,Jblanca~ sorry for my misunderstand~ your english is not bad~ :slight_smile:

Aha, I have a friend she from Spain also, but she lived in Galicia, in North Spain~do you know this place ?

See you soon,Jblanca~ :slight_smile:

Have a nice time.