I'm a girl from Vietnam. I'm here with the hope that my command of English...

hi everyone,

i’m a girl from Vietnam.i’m here with the hope that my command of English will be improved.

i’d like to make friends with you on this forum.
have a nice day!

Hey! Welcome. Hope u having fun learning on here. :slight_smile:

Hi Bingo. Nice to meet you. I hope you having a wonderful when join this site.

Hi Bingo ,

I am Kai from Thailand. Our country is not too far from each other and hope we can be friend.


Hi Bingo,

welcome on this Forum


I do agree with you off course, all we will be benefited and our English proficiency would be improved. Any way, tell about your country briefly. What about you? How you are trying for enhancing English writing skill.

I am from Bangladesh.

I’ve never been to Vietnam but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit. If you want to improve your English I’d suggest visiting englishlanguagedownloads.com
I use it a lot with my students and we find it very useful.

Good luck


hi everybody,
i’m very glad to meet you here.aAnd i hope we can become good friends together!
i think that chatting or writing in english is a good way to learn english,so…i’d like to discuss something about English with you.however,for learner,i can write some stupid sentences such as:hi,i get up at 6.00 am/i’m a student/…ect.i hope that you will help me so that i can master this language.
by the way,if you would like to know more about Vietnam-my country,you can visit it because it is really to tell about it in one or two sentences.it is very peaceful,beautiful.people living here are very kind and friendly.my country had to offer from wars but nowaday,it is known as developing-country.young gennerations are trying to build a rich country.in sum,if you really want to know more about my country,come and feel!
have a nice day!

Hi Bingo,

if you would like to chatting over internet, let me know, or send me a private message.
I like to chat in English, and I learned many new word when I have to discover how I can use other words, and even I remember more words when I use it more times.

I would be nice to chat together, and later speaking over skype…


Hello Bingo
I am Prashant.
I want to enhance my spoken english and i find this site very useful for this.
I have a suggestion that we should chat in English on yahoo messenger using headphones and mike.
if ur interested then add me as friend on yahoo messenger.
My yahoo ID is Prashant_kumar622@yahoo.com

i’m very glad to know that you are interested in chatting in english.this my yahoo id:leo9225@yahoo.com
hope that we will meet each other on my yahoo id

hello all stundent my name is faduma in learn english test.net really when I ready your message like because every one his is taking good idea so I wish we learn good english

hi dear
recently I joined to this website , I hope we can become friend too.

Hello Bingo and everyone, i’m also from Vietnam. i like english very much and i want to study abroad
this is the first time i join this forum. it’s nice to make friend with you. my Yahoo ID: huycanphu90 skype:tiduy90 and my email: huycanphu@gmail.com
Hope we can study english better and better

Hi @all,

I am happy that many users would like to chat or write some mails, from all the world.

we talk later

bye bye