I'll just go stuff my face.


I understand this expression means to go eat a lot. But I read that it is also used when everything has gone wrong. Is it true?

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I have never heard it used to mean anything other than to eat a lot.

There are various idioms that use the word ‘stuff’ and also various idioms that use the word ‘face’, but I also only know the expression ‘stuff one’s face’ to mean ‘eat a lot’/‘eat greedily’.

Can it be that one is just totally fed up after trying every possible means to deal with a situation and one might as well just go to food for comfort instead of trying further?

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Ah, now I see what you’re getting at now.

Yes, the idiom “stuff one’s face” can be used in the context you describe. Eating is supposed to be a pretty common reaction in that sort of situation.

Is it at all possible you are thinking of being “fed up” with something?

That thought had crossed my mind too, Barb.

The book where I read it only says “when everything has gone wrong” but I imagined the “fed up” part.

Thanks Barb_D and Amy, you girls are very helpful! I think I got it now.