If you were a multi-billionaire would you contribute substantial

Dear All,

If you were a multi -billionaire, would you contribute substantial amount of your money for the sick,homeless,poor and starved?

is one of the questions in the Kingdom of Death.

Do you like to answer the question, before you die?


Well honestly, it is easy to say that you’ll contribute 50% or more of your money. But once you are a billionaire it’s totally different story…

Agree, B3l1.

This reminds me of a little joke which I’ll do my best to try and translate:

[i]Two best friends were having a chat:

A – So, if you had like… say… three large mansions! Would you give one of them to me, your best friend?

B – Of course I would! Absolutely! [/i]

[i]A – What if you had… say… three nice cars! Would you give me one of those?

B – You are darn right I would!

A – What about if you had three good dress shirts… Would you let me have one of your dress shirts?

B – Erm… Nope. Sorry.

A – Let me get this straight: you would hand me the keys of a car and even give me a mansion as a present but you would not spare a shirt for me?!

B – Well, yes, you got that right… You see, I actually do have three dress shirts![/i]

Just what I said… We’re not in the position to answer on this topic,or maybe someone here is ?:smiley:

If I were a billionaire, I would keep enough to live on and then contribute every penny of the rest to family planning organizations.

I would definitely do so as you would . Please accept my sincere respects to you. You’ve got a heart of saint. Keep it well up to the heaven.


Ofcourse i will!
Who knows when i’ll be gone? I can’t take my money on my next life, who will benefit my billions when i’m gone? The corrupts in our government? O no! Can’t let that happen. Making others happy makes me happier than them. I’m not an ambitious person. BILLIONS is more than enough, i know how it feels to be hungry, how it feels to imagine impossible things just to make my self smile. I know how they feel. Money is just a piece of paper, why not share it?
When you have everything in life, there’s no reason for you to feel the happiness in life. Yeah you got new cars, houses, complete family, lots of true friends etc. What more could you ask for?

Dear Aalizzwell,

Please,accept my sincere respects, you have a gracious heart. Keep it up to the heaven. When you look it back you’ll see how virtuously you’ve done.

Some people can’t see the pains, hunger and tears of the poor and the deprived, or they are ignorant enough 'not to say I’m sorry. Untill they suffer it themselves. Just ignorant?
with kind regards.