If there is one thing..

If there is one thing more difficult than missing, it is not being able to say that you have missed him/her.

Could you please check my sentence?

Is not being able to say that you miss someone, really more difficult than your missing them?

I am not the author of the original sentence.

If there is one thing more difficult than missing someone, it is not being able to tell them that you miss them.

Yes! It indicates that you are unable to contact them by any means. You cannot even write a letter to tell them you miss them.

If you miss someone but are able to tell them so, then you are obviously able to make contact somehow.

If you ask me, the original is absolutely fine: not being able to say how much you have missed someone could be more difficult to stand than their physical absence itself. Feelings you don’t give vent to/express could be destroying for you.

Yes. But I wonder how the ‘means’ becomes relevant. Even one’s inability (to be ‘dumb’, so to say) to speak so does well.

Oh good grief, what is that supposed to mean?
Just admit you misread or misinterpreted the original sentence!

Thank you, Beeesneees

You have miserably failed to discern the meaning in my simple question to the poster though he has replied to it intelligently.

If you say so.

I think Beeesneees got the meaning of the sentence.