If clause (Can we use continous form in If clause?)


Can we use continous form in If clause ?

If i am going to market i will bring gift for you .



Hi Pavan,

This sentence doesn’t really work for me because ‘I am going’ suggests intention and at the same time you introduce a condition. I think you would have to say: ‘If I go …’

You can of course use the continuous with a conditional sentence as in: If you are trying to pass the exam, you will have to work harder.


He is a braver man than I thought if he is going to Bogota alone.
If she is going to market, I’m sure she will bring flowers for you (Stress on “is”.)

Just to add - I was referring to the meaning of ‘I am going …’ as an example of intention rather than using ‘am going’ as a future idea.


thank you 4 your information but please i need a complete course about if clause thank you very much yours. fatima zohra