Ielts writing task 2- Please correct my essay

Question: It is generally agreed that the amount of rubbish created by humans
today is a worldwide problem. What do you think are the main causes of this
situation? What measures can be used to tackle the problem?

Everybody knows that garbage produced by people is a global issue. There are
many causes and solutions to solve the problem.

First of all, overpopulation is one of the reasons of garbage increased. High
population has led to an increase in the amount of rubbish and waste being
manufactured. For example, some people lack education and ignorance the
effect of polluting the environment, therefore, they throw away the waste like
plastic bottles or bags on the streets instead of putting them in the wastebaskets. Secondly, the growth of consumption of merchandise, for example,
cars, clothes, computers, food is also a major cause of garbage increased and
affects the environment.

There are various solutions to improve the quantity of rubbish. Governments
should reduce the overpopulation issue by encouraging citizens to limit the
number of children in a family. For example, each family has maximum of two
children. In addition, education about waste disposal through the schools and social media is important to help residents to concern on rubbish issue. The severe punishment should be applied to people who throw away garbabein public places such as parks, streets, rivers. On top of that, manufacturers should provide the service to maintain the old equipment and collect the used products for recycling. This activity will help to reduce the machine garbage to
the environment.

In conclusion, the problem of increasing waste seems to be difficult to
eliminate over the world. However, I think there are several effective methods
that we can use to improve the situation. Each citizen should have
a responsibility to do something to protect our environment by reducing the
garbage and reusing old items.