IELTS Writing Task 1: Pie Chart

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The pie charts below compare water usage in San Diego, California and the rest of the world. (Page 15)

The given pie charts illustrate the amount of water consumption by citizens in San Diego, California and the rest of the world.

Overall, the water usage for residential account the most percetage in San Diego Country, agriculture in this country use the less water. In contrast, the rest of the world spend most of water usage in agriculture, also, the less use of water fall in residential category. California had a nearly equality in water comsumtion for three categories which are residentail, industry and agriculture.

In California and San Diego, residential water consumption took up a large amount, in percificly, 60% and 39%. By contrast, only a fraction of 8% in home water usage in the rest of the world. The opposite trend can be seen when agriculture constituted a massive 69% in water consumption in the rest of world but in San Diego and California, it only account for 17% and 28% the amount.

For industry water consumption, all three countries spend all most the same amount of water usage. San Diego Country and the rest of the world have an equal amount of water usage of 23%. California uses 10% higher at 33%.


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Hi, I think this report was pretty good. It seems like you could have given more of the information in your third paragraph in your summary.
That third paragraph was much more clear than you summary at saying that agriculture plays a much more minor role in water use in San Diego and even in California than in the world as a whole and that unlike the worldwide statistics, water usage in San Diego County is greatly concentrated in the residential sector. Still, you did communicate that information later in your report. You did have a couple of odd sounding phrases and that word percificly, but apart from that your writing was fairly clear.
Here are some specific suggestions:


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