IELTS Writing Task 1 [Maps]

The maps give an information how to access to a city hospital have changed over the three years.

Overall, there were three different changes with regard to access of vehicle to the city hospital. A bus station, roundabouts, and car park were built as a new facitilies.

The three bus stops at Hospital road were removed and replaced by a bus station located to the southwest to the City Hospital. In addition, the car park were divided into two different areas. The public car park were moved to the east side from the City Hospital, meanwhile the medical staff still stayed on the old park.

In 2010, the road leading to the hospital also changed. They built two roundabouts linked up to the Hospital Road and City Road and also the bus station on the east side.Furthermore, the Ring Road around the City Hospital was no modification comparing to the three prior years

Please review my answer above

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Please note that the noun ‘information’ is uncountable so the combination ‘an information’ does not exist. Also, the verb ‘to access’ is not followed by the preposition ‘to’.

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