Ielts writing task 1: bar chart “oil production capacity”

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The bar chart illustrates the ability to produce oil in six different countries over a period of two decades. Overall, almost all countries had increasing amounts of oil production throughout the period. The highest capacity of oil production was in Saudi Arabia, while the lowest one was in Qatar.

From 1990 to 2010, the estimated figure for Saudi Arabia dramatically leaped from approximately 8 million barrels to over 14 million barrels, which meant the amount of oil production in 2010 doubled that of 1990. In contrast, Qatar’s oil production ability was very low at about a half million in 1990, slightly grew in the next decade and remained steady in 2005 and 2010.

The other countries’ oil production shared the same trend that minimally climbed over the period. In 1990, the figure for Iran was approximately 3 million barrels per day, compared with around 2 million barrels in other two countries (Iraq and Kuwait). Despite of the unchanging number of oil production in UAE in the next 10-year from the beginning, in 2010, the amount of oil produced peaked at over 4 million barrels in Iran and at almost 4 million barrels in Iraq, Kuwait and the UAE.


Hi, I think this is a very effective way to organize your essay. You have a good summary and have split the date into one paragraph discussing the two outliers, while the second body paragraph discuss the four most similar countries.
I know IELTS always love using synonyms, but sometimes, like here, there are really no suitable synonym words so the best strategy is to vary your phrases instead of substituting words. Also be sure to always refer back to the units regularly. You do say “barrels” but you need the time frame too - it could be barrels per year. So here, remember to always add either barrels per day, barrels a day, barrels each day, or daily barrels.
Here are some specific suggestions:


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