IELTS task1 --- changes of an island -- Map

The two maps below illustrate changes of an island, before and after some tourist facilities were constructed.
According to the Figure 1 which provides an overview of the origin island. There were only ranges of trees located in the West and East of the island, along with a beach at the edge of the West coast.
The Figure 2 shows significant changes when new tourist facilities were built up in the island. More particularly, there is a reception in the center of the island, which is linked vertically with a restaurant in the North and a Pier in the South by the vehicle track. Accommodations where tourists stay are situated both in the left hand side and in the right hand side of the reception, being connected with the beach and the reception by the footpath which also links with the vehicle track in the center in order to bring visitors to other tourist sites in the island.

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Hi, I think your answer was pretty good. I don’t think north, south, east and west should be capitalized. I think they are only capitalized when speaking of a specific region in a country. … ize-or-Not I realize several features are vertically aligned on the map, but saying they are vertically aligned in reality was a bit confusing to me. Overall, I think I would rate this a band 6.5