IELTS Task 2 - Having too many choices

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Many people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Meanwhile many people hold the belief that there are more options in life for people to choose these days, others do not. Personally, I totally agree that in the past, not everybody could be exposed to as many choices as we are today.

Firstly, it is the fact that the development of technology had spread out a humorous amount of information through all over the world. This means that people now can access to a wide range of ways to find the best solutions for their problem. Avery common case in point is happing in education field. More than 50 years ago, there were no more than 300 universities for Vietnamese high school students to choose after graduating. However, thanks to the internet, students today can prepare a suitable list with many choices for their further study before finishing their compulsory education. From that list, then they can pick the best option for themselves which can be any type of studying such as correspondent course, evening class or hiring a personal tutor.

Secondly, in daily life we also get a lot of choices due to the improvement of manufacturing industry during the last 20 years with the rapid appearances of a huge number of branches and new convenient products through out the world. In the old days, the only way for us to get or give information to a relative who lived far away was via hand writing letter or telegram. But today, there are other convenient communication methods for us to choose such as emails, social network or smart cell phone.

In conclusion, I believe that people today have plenty of options to consider before making a decision which come as the result of the development in technology and manufacturing industry in recent years.


So, do you agree or disagree with the statement that we have too many choices? You say that we have more choices today than we used to have in the past but you don’t say if you think that we have too many options to choose from.

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Oh… thank you so much for your question, I now realized that I have a miss understood here. Tomorrow I will rewrite this topic. Thanks so much again :blush:


Great, I look forward to reading your new version. :+1: