IELTS-Task 1 ------- Percentage who watch TV programmes!!!

The graphs below shows the number of TV audiences who watch reality shows and game shows by gender and four different age groups in Australia.
At the first graph, it is clearly seen that percentage of women watching reality shows on TV is nearly twice as big as that of men at 70% and 37%, respectively. Across the age groups, distribution in watching these programmes saw a increasing trend in which people aged 16-24 account for the least percentage at 51%, whereas people aged above 45 have the largest proportion at nearly 70%.
At the second graph, nothing could be further from the truth that TV game shows attracts almost the same percentage of male and female audiences at 62% and 60%, respectively. By age groups, people in 25-34 and 35-44 age groups show the least interest in game shows on TV with only 38% and 41% for each groups, meanwhile figures of the youngest and oldest groups in percentage are the biggest at 51% and 70%.
In conclusion, TV programmes (such as reality shows, game shows) are widely considered by women, young people and especially people aged above 45 in Australia.

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Hi Hoangle, I think this report had some problems. You started off strong, but you had that incorrect sentence in paragraph two and several awkward and somewhat confusing sentences later on, so I’m afraid I can only rate this one a band 6.