ielts letter: job application

An international company is offering a temporary job for work experience, write a letter to apply for that job. You need to explain -where did you find this information -why you want to apply this job -what qualification you have -what position you want to apply

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in the summer internship program you recently advertised in the Geographic Magazine.

I am a third year biology student at the Boston university and marine life is my passion. My studies and previous experience would make me a valuable addition as an assistant and tour guide for the Marine Life Center Cairns this summer. My work experience includes office work as well as being a sport instructor. Additional details can be found in my enclosed cv.

I am also an experienced and enthusiastic diver with all the certifications required in your job description. I already had the chance to visit your center two years ago and I was very impressed with the facilities and your research.

I hope to discuss the possibility of working at the Marine Life center with you soon. Thank you for your consideration of my application.

Your Sincerely,

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture from a social studies class

Welcome back - I thought you already took your test. I think this is an excellent letter, only a few tiny errors. I would rate it a band 8.

thanks, for the comments i will be sitting it this week.

Good luck, please let me know what you think of the test and how you do - it would be valuable feedback for me.

Writing felt less stressful this time. 10 min left for checking.
I always get these family essay topics: Children play less with other children these days.
What are the reasons and what is your opinion.
Informal letter to a friend about a new job and moving.

After months of practising my results in writing are worse (2 tests in a row)
than when i first took the test without any preparation. Frustrating.
I did improve in reading and listening, i never practised either. No idea what to do really.

Oh Katisss, I am so sorry. I really like your writing, but of course I am not an official grader. I value clarity and organization, which I thought would reflect in a high score, but maybe the IELTS gurus are somehow looking at it from a different viewpoint. Were your essay and letter equivalent to the ones you have posted here? It is worrisome to me that I might have given you false expectations - if so, I apologize.