hello , I’m new member .I like your introduction. I 'm preparing for toefl. May be we can help each other through this forum. what’s meaning of these idioms.
At the best.
At the worse.
looking forward your reply.
Many thanks.
huriahkh …username

I wouldn’t exactly call those idioms. “at best” and “at worst” are more common expressions. They describe respectively the best or worst case or outcome. For example:

“Sales were terrible this month. At best we will break even.” (i.e. breaking even is the best outcome that can be expected; “break even” = make no money, lose no money)

“Even if you’re found guilty, at worst you’ll be fined.” (i.e. being fined is better than going to jail)

thanks for your easy explanation. I really appreciate your help. I want to talk with some native speaker on Skipe. Could u please help me? How can I join skipe of your team. thanks,

Sorry, I don’t do Skype myself. I don’t know if anyone else here does.

Sure, here you are: … ular_basis[YSaerTTEW443543]

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