Idioms: be on the road


Can we say “I’d be on the road next week” even if we are travelling on plane?

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I feel ‘the road’ could refer to a theoretical road/way and not necessarily to a physical one, Nina. But I feel at the same time that if you say “I’d be on the road next week” no matter what transportation you take, you give people an impression that you are going to travel as a salesperson or on a show business trip with some theatrical company next week. Just my two cents, though. :slight_smile:


Haihao is spot on in his explanation. The other expression that comes to mind and has been absorbed into English speech is the French expression en route (for) indicating that you are travelling about and does not refer to any particular type of transport.


Alan and Haihao,

Thanks for the clear explanation! Now I am more confident in using it.


p.s. Haihao,I just arrived in Tokyo. Now we are nearer!

I am glad you came to Tokyo, Nina. Just FYI, a new commercial center called ‘Tokyo Midtown’ just opened today in Roppongi. Maybe worth taking a look at it for you ladies.

Really?I’ll be out for cherry blossom viewing (hanami) tomorrow, and will be reporting to a training centre on Sunday. But will definitely check it later!Thanks!


p.s. Is “cherry blossom viewing” the correct expression for hanami?

I think it’s perfect, Nina, and here are some other references for hanami:

And I think it would be the best timing now (today and tomorrow) for hanami this year.
BTW, I have heard the Midtown is near Roppongi Hills. Ever been to there? It’d be also worth a check for ladies. :slight_smile:

Yes, a couple of times. Lively place, many foreigners.

Hi NinaZara,

I need to give an explanation of the expression ‘spot on’ that I used above:

. It wasn’t helped by the fact that I also made a typing mistake which I have now corrected. To get to the explanation: ‘spot on’ means totally/completely accurate or correct. If for example someone asks you: How much do you think I paid for my car? and you answer with the exact price, the other person could say: Quite right, you’re spot on.

Hope this helps.



Everything is very clear now. I’ll make sure I use it whenever I can in future. Thank you very much.