i wrote an ielts writing of task 2 please come in

Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.
To what extend do you agree or disagree?

The issue of gender equality has never failed to attract people`s attention. Under this trend, it is said that male and female students should be given the same respect, which partly means they ought to be provided the same chance to enter every class, during their higher education. However, in the long run, for example a man being a labor worker is obviously better than a woman; a woman being a nurse is apparently better than a man. Thus I generally against the voice above.
First of all, choosing an unsuitable subject could be regard as wasting plenty of time, say, 4 years or even longer. A male student wanted to be a nurse and he is studying it, for instance. But he can hardly come up with an idea about what the future trend will be; how the future colleague, salary, social status, the exact task will be ect. at the very beginning of his university life. He is quite likely to change his mind during the study. But the time spent is still wasted. It is not inevitable if due consideration is given to the ratio of male to female in certain subjects.
Although it is of great importance and reasonable to advocate the idea of being equal between man and woman and the trend remains unchanged, university cannot force any course filled up with the same among of male and female students irrationally. Tine adjustment is suppose to be applied to improve this embarrasing situation instead of a draconian imposition of a 50/50 balance in all university courses.

can somebody correct my composition and score it under the criteria of ielts writing and give advise or suggestions thx!!!:slight_smile:

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Hi, your writing ability is pretty good, but I did not like the content of your essay very much. Your point was clear, but it was entirely unconvincing to me. You really give no evidence or examples to support your point. You give an example of a male nursing student who may or may not be disappointed by his future career. I think the case you have to make is that if the college requires equal numbers of men and women for every subject and one subject does not seem as attractive to a specific gender, they will have much fewer applicants of that gender for the class. So they will have to either lower the standards for one gender or seriously curtail the number of the other gender allowed to pursue the major. If you have 100 nursing school slots with 500 women applicants and 60 male applicants, you will have to dip further down into the pool, probably accepting lower test scores, to reach the necessary male quota. And if you only have 40 male applicants, I guess you would have to make the nursing school smaller, with a class of only 80, accepting the very worst male applicant but turning away some women in the top 10% of the applicant pool. Anyway, there might be some other good arguments as well, but I did not see any in your essay. You had some good vocabulary, but sometimes your complex words made your essay more difficult to understand, as if you were using memorized phrases that did not really work in this context. You seem to have the ability to use a lot of words to provide very little content. Sorry I am being so tough, but I think you have a lot of talent and could write a much better essay if you strove for clarity over trying to impress the grader.