i would like you to do something?

is it natural?
i want sb to do something
i d rather you do something?

Hi Davy,
Since this is a forum for learning English, it would be better if you used proper English to ask your questions. Start your sentences with capital letters, always capitlize the word “I” etc.

It could be natural to say those things, but context would be helpful to tell you whether it’s the right thing for your situation.

Okay, thank you for the heads up.
I would like you to contact Acer CS. Or, Is it better to use other sentences to express recommendations?

Hi Davy

The sentence “I would like you to contact Acer CS.” is fine. It is basically a polite way to tell someone to contact Acer CS.

Whether a different sentence might be more appropriate would depend on the broader context.

By the way, does “CS” mean “customer service”? If so, I’d recommend writing out “customer service” rather than abbreviating it. I’d say that would be preferable in most situations.

You said it. Yankee.
Thank you for your time.

Is it more polite not so direct to say for example you are in a position of authority, don’t command:
I want you to finish this typing even this afternoon.
I’d like to ask you to finish this typing this afternoon.

More polite.

Hi Kati,

My ‘polite’ suggestions -

I’d like you to finish this typing this afternoon, if possible.

I’d be grateful if you could finish this typing this afternoon.


Dear Alan,

Many thanks for your correction.

I will memorize your advice and I will take it.

You have made my day as I say to everybody that I was very lucky that you were my most important teacher when I began to learn English.

Best Regards:
Kati Svaby