I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself

Hello everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I also would like to point out how grateful I am to find ( or to have found??!!) this site.

I just gained a MSc degree. through the entire university in UK I always struggled with essays and assignments.
I even don’t like to write e-mails. Anything in writing makes me feel so uncomfortable. I have no idea why!!!
Anyway, I am here to improve my writing and expand my vocabulary. I would love to develop a nice writing style. Clean, grammatically correct and the right use of punctuation.

Any advice is more then welcome


wants to talk to me :frowning:

Hi lovethemoon,

We too, are glad you have found us :slight_smile: and we hope you to see you around often. Congratulations on earning your MSc degree. That is a great achievement! What are you going to do next? What are your majors?

Talk to you soon,

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Hi lovethemoon

So sorry. Somehow I missed your post. :frowning: Welcome to the english-test.net gang.

Congratulations on your MSc. Imagine that! An MSc inspite of an aversion to writing. :lol:

What is your specialty and why did you choose it?

Were you born and raised in the UK?


Hi Torsten,

Thanks for our response. Well, I just graduated last week and at the present time I have no plans really which is kind of annoying.

I studied information system management. I wrote my dissertation on strategic information systems, basically I spend the last 2 years researching the field of strategic management.
Since few days I moved to Paris, I live by Porte Champere, from my flat it is literally 5 minutes walk to Chanse lise. On the one hand I enjoy the French way of life, food and specially wine but on the other hand, I don’t speak French and I don’t know absolutely anyone here to communicate with.
So, I would like to start searching for a suitable job, may be in London or Paris or Germany…… Too much options is good but also very confusing.
I was thinking about the options of working for a year or two in France, learn the language and get some experience. I spend all day today researching the job market in paris some of the web pages are in English but most are in French……

I might even register for a Phd.

In the nutshell, No I don’t know what I am gone do next 

Hi lovethemoon

That’s a whopper of a story. What was it that led to your decision to go to France and begin your job search there? Why not in the UK?

What about the spellings of the French words in your post?
Did you mean Champs-?lys?es when you wrote Chanse lise?

Where are you originally from?


Hi lovethemoon,

Amy is right, your story is very interesting and you are going places all right. Could you please tell me more about your dissertation? What exactly are ‘strategic information systems’ and who uses them?

Speak to you soon,

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