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Writing-Longman page 272
Reading about Stonehenge structure in England and listeneing passage

In this set of materials, the reading passage describes the Stonehenge which is a huge stone structure in England, and the listening passage cast doubt about reading passage by citing a scientific method to determine the history of things by determining the construction time of Stonehenge and comparing its time with the time when Celtics came to England.

In the reading, the Stonehenge describes as a huge structure which consists of two circles of stone. Also it pointed out that the number of stones in the inner circle and outer circle are equal to 30 and atop of them another stones located. In addition some antiquarian believe that the Stonehenge structure was constructed by Druid for religious ceremonies.

On the other hand, in the listening passage the speaker says that due to scientific method that is common mistake to accept Stonehenge was built by Druid. Radio Carbon Testing determines the history of things. The arrival date of coming Celtics to England was 1500 to 1800B.C, and by applying this scientific method it confirms that the age of Stonehenge which built in three phases related to 2100 to 3000 B.C. . Therefore it us quite reasonable that Stonehenge structure was not built by Druid who live in Celtic era and it was built before than Celtic civilization.

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