I wonder... How or why I was created and put me here on this earth?

Hi all the members,

There are many countless stars in the sky. Do you believe in this? I think you do. Nevertheless, there’s no concrete evidence to prove that all of them are stars. There lies a BIG question mark. Anyway, we all believe in the fact that they are there, we’ve been told by the scientists and the other great people before us.

I sometime wonder how or why I was created and put me here on this earth? Who actually created me, and why is He hiding from us? Why doesn’t He show up? Why do we suffer, why do we have to laugh & cry, what’s the true meaning of my existence here on this earth, why some are rich and some poor? There are many, many whys, whats, hows, ifs etc.

Anyway, thanks a lot to you all, from the depths of my heart for reading this short message that came out from my mind while I was about to go to the bed to sleep.

In His Holy name
Noren Lee

Hi Noren,
Interesting thoughts you have there. What the tiny bright lights in the night sky are - as with all things - has two simple explanations; one subjective, one objective. The subjective is the scientific; to seek understanding, meaning and increase knowledge. The objective is that they are simply there because our eyes perceive them and no further questions are needed. they are a wonder and a gift to the sense of sight.
The creation of our life and the life of all things can be seen from a subjective or objective view also. The subjective view for our life, the stars or anything fills the libraries of the earth, inspires scientific enquiry and ultimately serves to make goods and products to sell. The objective view of creation is that we are simply here because our senses tell us so. The universe is forever evolving in whatever way we choose. I believe the meaning of life is to be creative with respect for all living things. The secret of life is to enjoy the passage of time.

Hello,guys! You know,it’s the first messages I’ve read on these forums.And I was really shocked! It’s so impressive( I mean your thoughts! :slight_smile: )! I just want to say that we should believe in something more that stars :slight_smile: and then we’ll find answers on all guestions! But isn’t it great to reflect about different things we can’t explaine?! I think it’s our happiness!If we knew everything it wouldn’t be interesting for us to live on this Planet! :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

My name is Victoria and I am from Romania. I am here because I need desperately to learn English very well. I need it because I want to find a new job, and for all good jobs I need to know English. I hope, with your help to learn this language very well:)

Hi Phil,
Thank you very much for your response. I am really impressed by your opinion.
Once again Thanks.

Noren Lee

Hello everybody,
You have landed in the perfect place to improve your English. Keep on coming here with your questions or confusion on English Usage.

With Regards
Noren Lee

Hi Phil,
Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting on it. Actually, I like both positive & negative feedback.

Noren (lewis) Lee

[b]Hi Ulcia,
Nice thought & opinion, it’s my pleasure!!


Hi there,
First of all, Happy new year (2010) to all the people herein, though belated. And there’s an 18-hour of load Shedding, we are facing at the present time. I hardly get access to the Internet (Max. 1 hour or so and even that if I am lucky). Thanks, thanks, & more thanks for your understanding.

Noren (Lee) Lewis

Your thought is very interesting. Nice to meet you.