I wish you'd drive less quickly vs I'd like you drove less quickly


I wish you would drive less quickly. Right. Could I say “I’d like you drove less quickly” as well?

Thanks a lot. Cheerio

(°) Would it be terrible something like “I’d like you to drive less quickly”?

For your first question, you would have to say “I’d like it if you drove less quickly.” “I’d like you to drive less quickly.” is fine. When you say “terrible” are you talking about the politeness aspect? “I’d like you to drive less quickly.” is more direct, but does not sound impolite to me.

Hi Luschen,

Thanks a lot for your answers, you’re very kind. I actually meant “bad English” with that “terrible”. Anyway I’m glad that the second option “I’d like you to drive less quickly” is fine. That means that my English – slowly but surely --, is getting better (at least I hope so). :slight_smile: