I wish you well Mrs. Clinton

I wish you well Mrs. Clinton for I adore you a lot. You’re one of the finest ladies in the world.

The world need you for its welfare.

With my kindest regards.

Kyaw Min Lwin of Burma.

I’m happy to know that you’re better.

with my kindest regards.

I’m happy to know you’re well now. You’ll have to be the President of the USA in the near future.

We need quality leaders. With zero defects.

with my kindest regards.

And you’ll be the Titanium Lady of the 21st century. Cool.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Clinton would be the next president of the USA. She’ll be the one.

Apart from Mr. Putin we don’t have real world class leaders now. But loads of so-called puppets and clowns. Freak shows?

Kind regards.

Only Peace is not enough for the mankind, we have hundreds of millions of starving mouths to feed?

I just can’t understand why we let the others freeze to death or wash away by the cyclones. Especially when we are happily hugging our loved ones dearly.

Oh, dear.