I was unsound

I’m dog-tired (both physically and mentally) and too pooped to be bothered with the criticisms, whether just or unjust, can I say ‘I was unsound’?

Not really.
‘I wasn’t thinking straight’.

Hi Isabelleyeong,

‘Unsound’ is usually used to suggest ‘unwise’ ‘not sensible’ and refers to things rather than to people as in: unsound policies/schemes/proposals. Possibly here you could say: I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.


Hi Alan and BN,
I appreciate the replies enormously. Initially I thought ‘I was unsound’ might mean ‘I was weak and exhausted and as a result couldn’t care less about the criticisms/happenings around me’. Apparently, I was wrong.
But can you give me one or two example(s) of the right moment to say ‘I was unsound’?

There aren’t any right moments to say that. It means you were not sane.

Thanks, BN. Now I understand.