I was riding a bike and I wrecked.


I read an English book and I found this sentence.

‘I was riding a bike and I wrecked.’

To me, ‘I wrecked’ seems a little wierd…

I’d like to know whether the sentence above ‘I wrecked’ is grammatically right or not.
Also, I’d like to know the meaning of ‘I wrecked’.
If the sentence is correct, Does that mean ‘I ran into something’?

I’m not sure, but I think the sentence has to be written like these.
‘I was wrecked.’ ( the meaning is ‘I hurt’(?) )
‘I wrecked it.’ (the meaning is ’ I broke it(?) )

I’m so confused…
Please Could you explain whether the sentence ‘I wrecked’ is correct or not and what it means?
Thank you very much.

It doesn’t sound right to me either. The verb “wreck” is almost always transitive, except in a few special cases which don’t apply here. If this was written by a non-native speaker then it may be a mistake for “crashed”. However there are enough Google hits for this intransitive usage to make me feel that some native speakers in some part of the world do use the verb intransitively in this way.

Unless you are talking about being shipwrecked, “I was wrecked” would normally be understood with the slang meaning of “severely intoxicated by drink or drugs”.

“I wrecked it” is OK, meaning severely damaged or destroyed it.

Oh, Dozy
Now everything is crystal clear!
Thank you so much!!
Always thank you!