I want to understand english people

Dear Torsten.
thank you for your e-mail English lessons. My name is Agnieszka I’m from Poland I would like to improve my english . I started learning english 8 months ago and I never learn english before I feel embarrass becouse I don’t understand english people they speak so fast . Now I’m writting to you and I know I making a lot of mistakes :oops: please help me :smiley: what should I do ? I really want to speak english and understand people I have one lesson a week it last 2 hours . Thank you very much . Apologize for my mistakes . Take care Agnieszka

Agnieszka, welcome to the Forum. How long would it take me to understand you?

Not a silly question. It takes an awful long time to understand another language to the extent that you can hold a reasonable conversation. If you are in a hurry, then you will never learn.

Here on this Forum you will find every assistance in your attempt to become proficient, but if you do not take the time, and make the effort to learn the rules of Basic Grammar, then you will have an almost impossible task ahead of you.

If you are getting the e-mails from Torsten, then study them very carefully. STOP as soon as you do not understand what is written there, and IMMEDIATELY post a message to the Forum asking for an explanation of the e-mail. Do not skip this step. To do so is fatal and pointless.

Only by adopting this routine will you ever succeed in learning English.

Good luck.