I want to improve my writing skills


Hi Redhwan,

Many thanks for joining our forum. Please tell us more about your goals, why exactly do you want to improve your writing skills? What kind texts do you want to write?
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Writing, Writing and Writing. Practicing is the way to succes, I think. Some theory will also give some positive results :slight_smile:

I am not a good writer and less in English. However check this tips:

  1. If you have an idea, get a piece of paper and inmediately begin to write as the ideas come to your mind.
  2. Write the ideas and write about something you like and have good domain.
  3. Do not correct until you have finished
  4. Keep your paper for one day and then review it.

Good writers not always follow rules, but if you want:
First. A good introduction, then develop your main idea, supported by two or no more than three secondary ideas. Finally the conclusion, in which you make a summary and prefereable a recommendation about what you are writing.
Writing is good if you enjoy it¡¡